Article for Wandering Educators v.2

Think about how many people there are in the world. Too many to count, too many to know, so many!

It would be impossible to try and categorize them all. We, like all the other species of living things, are diversified for a purpose. We are meant to be individuals, each with special gifts and contributions to enrich the world we live in. Our backgrounds are different, are roles are different, our expectations are different. We continually adapt to constantly changing needs and circumstances to live our fullest life. Each person, from their own perspective and life experiences makes choices they believe are in their best interest.

Now expand that thinking to the developing child and the child with special abilities. The child who is influenced by all that surrounds them; their family, teachers, friends, and by all forms of communication and experiences, positive and negative. How are we supporting their growth? What is it we want them to know about themselves as valuable individuals? As adults of authority, how are we guiding their thoughts and actions?

We are all created in the same form, yet unique human beings. This allows for expansive ideas and varied interpretations to come forward and promote change and progress. We are not meant to think alike. We are not meant to know the intricate workings of everyone’s mind in order to appreciate them.

All children bring immense opportunity into our lives, opportunities we may miss and not understand. What they offer assists all of us in increasing our abilities to understand a complex society and world. This diversity can be challenging at times and easily dismissed if our goal is to create uniformity.

In my book, Behind the Open Door, The Book of Light, an eight year old telepathic and highly gifted child tries to navigate a world she doesn’t understand while people surrounding her attempt to make her mainstream.  It is a story of discovery for readers: children relating to knowing a truth they can’t explain and  adults reflecting on their abilities to offer compassion and acceptance.

Through relationships we form opinions of others based on their communication, behavior and actions towards us. These opinions lay the foundations of perceptions and judgments we carry with us all our lives.  When we are open to others, we allow them to be who they are, not who we want them to be. We are open to the expression of their reality.

Each person is meant to bring forth their uniqueness to open us and the world to greater enhancement.  We rely on relationships to fulfill the part of us we cannot fulfill by ourselves. Sometimes amidst our own confusion and frustration comes that person that shows us love and acceptance. Wouldn’t it be great is we could be that person for someone?