Illustrations Gallery – Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light

Carol Knight
Giraffe Bites by Knight
Custom Illustrations
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I was so excited to be introduced to Carol Knight when I was searching for just the right illustrator to complete the drawings for my book, Behind the Open Door. Carol’s work captures the essence of whimsey, innocence, and introspection; as she adds the smallest details to elaborate her paintings.

As we spoke and learned more about each other and my characters, I could tell Carol understood their role and importance in the story and wanted to accurately portray them and their loveable enchanting features. She did just that!

As with all her delightful creations, Carol brings the gift of life to the inanimate, allowing the viewer to embrace the gifts her subjects bring to the canvas. In Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light, Carol has depicted the visible with the invisible; Cassie, Patrik and Poppy in their natural and fantasy environments. Her work adds 5-D tangible reality to each chapter.

Many thanks Carol!