Behind The Open Door The Alchemy of Time

Behind the Open Door

Behind the Open Door: The Alchemy of Time Cassie …with her imaginary dog friend Patrik, continues her quest to create connections between worlds with their crystals of transmutation.

Behind the Open Door

Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light is the first work in a five part series unveiling the life of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy, a highly gifted and telepathic child and her invisible dog-friend Patrik.

Soul Garden Pathway

A Discovery Guide to The Soul Garden Pathway a spiritual journey encircling the reader in discovery of the Self, the Higher Self and the Soul. Beginning at the Tree of Life and proceeding along life paths…

Between Shifts

Between Shifts is a collection of vignettes in poetry depicting a camera’s eye view into the worlds of conflict and compassion, relationships and love, life and death, growth and understanding…

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