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Interview with author Sally Gallot-Reeves about the Soul Garden Pathway. Hosted by the Holistic Institute of Wellness on YouTube.

Carolyn A. Jones of the Holistic Institute of Wellness gets to spend some time with the amazing author Sally Gallot-Reeves discussing her book, Soul Garden Pathway, Discovery Guide.

The Soul Garden Pathway is a spiritual journey encircling the reader in discovery of the Self, the Higher Self and the Soul. Beginning at the Tree of Life and proceeding along life paths in a bourgeoning garden, each section brings greater understanding to the universal laws and spiritual truths that influence our life and growth. A creation of Love and Light, the Soul Garden connects our soul to spirit, spirit to heart, and heart to mind. Walking forward, the garden paths bring awareness of where we are, where we have been, and where we wish to be.

Sally’s Video with Carolyn A. Jones

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Together in mind, body, spirit, we plant seeds and nurture the pathway leading to our life’s purpose. It is my privilege to accompany and partner with you in Divine Light and Love, promoting and connecting to our higher self in truth, authenticity and faith.

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