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Behind the Open Door

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Author Sally Gallot-Reeves ushers readers into the world of fantasy and magic as she releases Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light. Follow the adventures of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy and her imaginary friend into the Angelic realm!

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Reviews for Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light

“Sometimes, it’s hard to be different. But not for Cassie. She knows her truth and she stays true to it. Wonderful book!”

Reverend Anne R., Cushing, Maine

“So I was going to wait to read your new book till I got back to Colorado, but it sucked me right into the story and couldn’t drop it till I finished it. Loved it! Looking forward to the next one!”

Diane B., Osceola, Iowa

“Can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading Cassie's story. What determination. Awaiting the sequel with bated breath!”

Janet E., Knoxville, Tennessee

Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light

“…the first work in a five part series unveiling the life of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy,”

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