Soul Garden Pathway – Discovery Guide

The Soul Garden Pathway is a spiritual journey encircling the reader in discovery of the Self, the Higher Self and the Soul. Beginning at the Tree of Life and proceeding along life paths in a bourgeoning garden, each section brings greater understanding to the universal laws and spiritual truths that influence our life and growth. A creation of Love and Light, the Soul Garden connects our soul to spirit, spirit to heart, and heart to mind. Walking forward, the garden paths bring awareness of where we are, where we have been, and where we wish to be.

As spiritual beings in human form, we seek a place of peace and sanctuary wherein we are free to explore the dimensions of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. To learn, to grow, and to expand in all ways that assist us in becoming whole; who we are meant to be and what we are meant to bring into this world. The Soul Garden leads you to a place of consciousness; planting the seeds you wish to cultivate and nurturing the plants you wish to mature.

Designed for both those new to their spiritual journey and those that are looking to expand further, the Soul Garden weaves foundational concepts with higher awareness of our physical and intuitive senses, connections with Higher Self and Spirit, and appreciation for the gifts of abundance.

Your soul is eternal, transcending time and ages, to bring Divine Purpose, Light and Love into the world; and Peace, Harmony and Balance into our lives. We seek to be surrounded by Grace, Benevolence and Acceptance. We seek to create the sanctuary of our soul.

Welcome to the Soul Garden. May your journey and life be blessed……