From Mystic Living Today:-

Interview by Natalie Sist

Interview starts at 3 mins

Each person, from their own perspective and life experiences make choices they believe are in their best interest. Now expand that thinking to the developing child and the child with special abilities.
In my book, Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light, an eight year old telepathic and highly gifted child tries to navigate a world she doesn’t understand while people around her attempt to make her mainstream. It is a story of discovery for the reader: children relating to knowing the truth they can’t explain and adults reflecting on their abilities to offer compassion and acceptance.

I offer a Blessing for your day~
A realization this morning when out for a walk as the bright sun created huge shadows of tree limbs laden with leaves across the road making it all appear dark. In order to have shadows there must be light. Shadows are merely reflections of the world and illusions at best.

Today I ask that we would all be blessed to see the Light behind the shadow images in our lives.