The new book is designed to guide readers in connecting to their higher self in truth, authenticity and faith.

Sally Gallot-Reeves announces the publication of “The Soul Garden Pathway Discovery Guide

DOVER, N.H. — Sally Gallot-Reeves returns to the publishing scene with the release of “The Soul Garden Pathway Discovery Guide” (published by Balboa Press), a self-improvement book that takes readers on a spiritual journey of discovery of the self, the higher self, and the soul.

I believe we all desire a sanctuary space of reflection and meditation in which we are free to find and be our true selves,” the author states. “With that in mind, The Soul Garden website offers a place of serenity and refuge for all. The Discovery Guide facilitates processes that explore and reveal who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be with a greater understanding of the dimensions of spirit and the laws of the universe.

The Soul Garden Pathway” presents an analogy of an expansive nature garden beginning at the Tree of Life and proceeding along life paths in a bourgeoning garden, with each section bringing greater understanding of the universal laws and spiritual truths that influence man’s journey and growth. The Discovery Guide is an introspective experience expanding knowledge, thinking and awareness of human and spiritual life. It assists readers to look into their feelings, choices, and desires, which will lead them forward in understanding life’s purpose and next opportunities.

Designed for both those new to their spiritual journey and those that are looking to expand further, “The Soul Garden Pathway” weaves foundational concepts with higher awareness of one’s physical and intuitive senses, connections with higher self and spirit, and appreciation for the gifts of abundance.

“The Soul Garden Pathway”
By Sally Gallot-Reeves