Article on Mystic Living Today

This is an enchanting book about a little girl, Cassie, and her family who move to a small town in Maine and struggle to adjust. Our little heroin has special gifts that let her tap into a world that adults claim is all fantasy but in fact, is a place where her friend, Patrik (without a “c”) the dog teaches her how to reunite the wonders of the Earth with the inhabitants. She wanders the “el-metal” domain learning about energy-giving crystals and healing thoughts.

Most of the action centers on the lives of her family and friends but there are moments when Cassie enters a lovely potting shed on the property where her new home is located. There are special latches that let her know the fairies and elves are real and that she has to do her best to protect them so they can come back and help humans understand what’s right for their neighborhoods here on Mother Earth.

The characters come alive and you truly believe they are real people in a unique situation. Come join Granny Phe, Mommy Connie, Uncle Peter, Auntie Chloe and Ms Twirla along with Patric and the Lady Epona on this adventure in a special reality.

P.S. The author has a web site ( where you can sign up for notices on her book releases as well as “Blessings of the Day.” She also responds personally to e-mail and is very sweet.
Enjoy the read!
Jacquie C