Hello everyone!

I am glad to be back with you so I can tell you more about Cassie’s special abilities!

Cassie’s closet in her bedroom is her secret place. When she sits on her quilts she is able to visualize the elemental kingdom and the places where she and Patrik have travelled. She asks Patrik to come be with her through her mind, a mind wish, and he magically appears. When Patrik arrives there is no limit to what adventures they can have when they go through the little door and into the eaves!

Cassie has been very busy with Patrik, building further connections within the elemental kingdom. They have collected more crystals from the stream between the two trees and brought them back to the potting shed garden. The crystals bring more energy to the gnomes who sit at the doorway. The gnomes transmit that energy to provide goodness to the garden and all the beings of light and love.

Cassie asks for the flowers to bloom brightly and thanks the fairies for their help as they dance about.

Till next time, all is well!