Follow the adventures of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy and her imaginary friend into the Angelic realm!

Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light is the first work in a five part series unveiling the life of eight-year-old Cassie Murphy, a highly gifted and telepathic child and her invisible dog-friend Patrik.

Cassie has unique abilities, which uncover the secret past of their home in Maine and its connections to the elemental kingdom, the vibrational forces of nature, and the Angelic realm. Cassie’s talents and behaviors are not well understood, and the story revolves around the two worlds she lives in: her experiences within the dynamics of her family, school and social spheres; and her adventures with Patrik through portals to multiple dimensions.

The Book of Light is a magical and delightful story, which creates a passageway to open our minds and hearts to envision a world beyond the present, a world of acceptance and connective enlightenment.